What Color Goes With Mustard Yellow?

What Color Goes With Mustard Yellow?

Have you ever wondered how to make mustard yellow color pop? It’s one of those shades with a distinctive hue that blends earthy, vibrant, and a mellow mix of gold and brown.

Think of mustard yellow as that zesty friend who is always up for fun. But wait, pairing it up can be a pickle.

Worry not. I’ve done the homework. With a pinch of creativity and inspiration, I’ll spill the beans on what blends well with mustard yellow.

So, roll up your sleeves and dive into this colorfull adventure.

What Color Goes With Mustard Yellow?

Grey and white are the go-to colors that pair exceptionally well with mustard yellow. Grey strikes a balance with mustard yellow’s boldness, adding a contemporary touch. White accentuates its warmth, making spaces and outfits feel fresh and inviting. This stylish pair is a match made in color heaven for those seeking an elegant blend.

Understanding Mustard Yellow

Hex Code: #E1AD01

RGB: (225, 173, 1)

CMYK: (0, 23, 100, 12)

Mustard yellow, found nestled between yellow and gold on the color wheel, is a rich, earthy hue with a hint of spice.

Historically, mustard yellow appeared in the 70s, symbolizing boho chic, and has cultural ties to Indian and African textiles.

The psychological impact is as hearty as the color itself. It’s known to stimulate creativity and positivity.

The shade’s golden undertone brings warmth, comfort, and nostalgia to mind. It’s like autumn wrapped in a color: cosy, full of depth, and vibrant.

Mustard has become my go-to color for fall. It offers the perfect pop of color while still being versatile enough to pair with almost anything.

Mustard yellow can transform spaces and styles with its charm and versatility. Its warmth and vibrancy add a touch of excitement to any outfit or space.

So, embrace the beauty of mustard yellow and let it elevate your style and surroundings with its captivating charm.

Mustard yellow can transform spaces and styles with its charm and versatility.

What Color Goes With Mustard Yellow?

18 Colors That Go Blissfully With Mustard Yellow

 1. Mustard yellow and white

White’s purity blends well with mustard yellow’s earthy vibrancy. The color combination conjures an inviting, airy ambience spot-on for spring and summer.

Envision sipping lemonade in a mustard yellow dress accented with white jewellery.

Or picture an airy white room dotted with mustard decor. This duo is like a breath of fresh air, encouraging an open, welcoming atmosphere.

2. Mustard yellow and dark Green

Nature calls with dark green and mustard yellow. Dark green nestles against mustard yellow. 

Together, they paint an organic, lush canvas reminiscent of an enchanted forest in autumn.

Visualize a mustard yellow backdrop. Now, grace it with the verdant embrace of dark green foliage.

Picture a cozy mustard yellow sofa crowned with dark green throw pillows. These hues craft an indoor woodland retreat flourishing with an earthy charm.

3. Mustard yellow and magenta

Dive into a sea of vibrancy with mustard yellow and magenta. These two colors form an energetic and bold duo that’s just the ticket for statement-makers.

Picture a room with magenta walls adorned with bright mustard yellow pillows. Imagine a magenta dress paired with mustard accessories.

This combo is like a jolt of creative energy, setting the stage for innovation and zest.

4. Mustard yellow and navy blue

Mustard yellow meets its sophisticated partner in navy blue. The sophistication of navy blue dances with the vibrant zing of mustard.

This versatile duo is ace for anything from stylish workwear to a nautical-themed oasis. Consider pairing mustard yellow pants with a crisp navy shirt.

Or wrap a mustard scarf around the shoulders while donning a navy coat. Bold colors unite in a symphony of class and verve.

5. Mustard yellow and rust

With its earthy red embrace and mustard yellow in all its golden splendour, Rust creates a match made in autumnal heaven.

Think of warm rust-colored blankets ready to envelop you in a cosy reading nook, and match mustard yellow pillows to add that extra comfort layer.

This pairing is like a warm hug on a crisp fall day, full of cosiness and charm.

6. Mustard yellow and emerald green

Emerald green, with its deep jewel tone, and mustard yellow join forces to craft regal opulence.

Picture an emerald green velvet chair, stately and refined, against a mustard yellow wall.

Add mustard yellow, white cushions with white trim to that chair, and you’ve got a scene fit for royalty.

This pairing is sumptuous, perfect for grand soirées or crafting a luxurious haven at home.

7. Mustard yellow and cornflower blue

Cornflower blue’s gentle whisper tames the exuberance of mustard yellow.

Together, they paint a picture reminiscent of a sun-kissed meadow under clear blue skies.

Envision a stylish space, like a mustard yellow wall and a cornflower blue vase with fresh flowers.

The pairing captures the essence of spring, bringing a chic and airy delight to any space.

8. Mustard yellow and tan

Tan, a soothing neutral shade, harmonizes with mustard’s rich vibrancy.

Together, they weave an understated yet warm tapestry, ideal for nurturing a cozy, nature-infused space.

Picture yourself in tan suede boots, striding in a mustard dress. Or imagine a room with tan furniture against mustard accents.

This duo whispers of earthy and quiet sophistication.

9. Mustard yellow and black

Mustard yellow leaps into the spotlight against black’s commanding depth.

Stark contrasts define this edgy and modern duo, making it a powerhouse for graphic designs or high-contrast interiors.

Imagine a room with black walls brought to life by mustard accents. Envision yourself stepping out in a mustard top paired with sleek black jeans.

The striking contrast exudes confidence and contemporary flair.

What Color Goes With Mustard Yellow?

10. Mustard yellow and cream

Cream pairs like a dream with mustard’s inviting warmth and softness. This dynamic duo is timeless and drips luxury.

The cream is a versatile color that knows no season, and when it brushes against mustard, it’s pure magic.

Picture a cream-colored throw cascading over a mustard bed. It’s an instant recipe for creating the ultimate tranquil bedroom haven.

11. Mustard yellow and mauve

Mustard yellow and mauve create a whimsical color scheme with a romantic allure.

Mauve’s gentle touch of purple brings a sense of enchantment to the vibrant mustard yellow.

This duo is perfect for weddings or feminine decor, evoking a dreamy atmosphere.

Imagine a mustard vase adorned with delicate mauve roses. It is a charming centerpiece that captures the essence of a dark shade.

(You may expand your knowledge and learn what colors make mauve).

12. Mustard yellow and teal

Teal is a captivating blend of blue and green. If you understand how to make teal with primary colors, you can create exhilarating contrast to the earthy boldness of mustard

This vibrant shade ignites an artistic and lively ambience. Imagine a stunning geometric rug adorned in shades of teal and mustard.

It transforms any space into a visual masterpiece. The interplay of these colors in a room’s color palette is a surefire way to make a striking statement.

13. Mustard yellow and beige

Beige’s subdued elegance grounds the vivacity of mustard yellow. This calming and fine pairing is particularly ideal for creating serene spaces.

Consider incorporating a mustard lampshade into a beige-themed room. It evokes a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Whether it’s a formal dining room or a cosy reading nook, the combination beige and mustard yellow exudes sophistication and tranquillity.

14. Mustard yellow and turquoise

The vibrant blue-green of turquoise harmonizes with the sunny allure of mustard yellow, creating a beachy and refreshing combination that’s perfect for summertime.

Envision a garden party adorned with a turquoise tablecloth accentuated by mustard napkins. 

This striking color combination exudes a joyful atmosphere reminiscent of a tropical getaway.

15. Mustard yellow and sage green

Sage green’s earthy tone complements the vibrancy of mustard. This harmonious pairing evokes a sense of tranquillity reminiscent of a serene herb garden.

Picture a kitchen adorned in soothing sage green. Now, add gentle mustard accents to infuse a touch of liveliness.

The combination creates a natural, inviting relaxation and fosters a connection with the beauty of nature.

16. Mustard yellow and charcoal gray

The sophisticated depth of charcoal gray complements the vibrancy of mustard yellow. This unique pairing exudes elegance and refinement.

It is perfect for creating a contemporary and stylish look. Imagine a mustard yellow sofa against a  backdrop of sleek charcoal-gray walls.

The combination creates a beautiful contrast infusing the space with a modern ambience.

17. Mustard yellow and light pink

Light pink’s tender hue softens the vibrancy of mustard yellow.

Together, this sweet and playful duo brings a touch of charm to nurseries or vintage-inspired spaces.

Imagine the ethereal beauty of light pink curtains draping a room filled with golden hues of mustard.

The combination exudes warmth, elegance, and a sense of whimsical nostalgia.

18. Mustard yellow and Copper

Mustard yellow complements copper due to their warm undertones. Their harmonious pairing creates a cozy and inviting ambiance.

The combination exudes a rich and inviting feel, making it suitable for both modern and rustic decor styles. Knowing how to make the color copper to complement mustard yellow gives you a warm, earthy tone to create a visually pleasing and stylish atmosphere.

Key Considerations for Choosing Complementary Colors for Mustard Yellow

Here are the revised key considerations for choosing complementary colors for mustard yellow:

Complementary colors of mustard yellow

When selecting complementary colors for mustard yellow, explore shades opposite it on the color wheel.

Deep purples, like eggplant, create a rich and contrasting pairing with mustard yellow. Rich blues, such as navy or cobalt, provide a bold and vibrant contrast.

These complementary colors enhance the visual impact and depth of mustard yellow. Thus creating a captivating color combination.

Analogous colors of mustard yellow

Look for colors next to mustard yellow on the color wheel. Warm oranges and earthy browns work well.

These hues share similar undertones, creating a harmonious color scheme. Pairing mustard yellow with burnt orange or olive green evokes warmth and earthiness.

Monochromatic colors of mustard yellow

Explore different monochromatic shades and tints of mustard yellow itself. Opt for lighter or darker variations to add depth.

Use lighter shades for a delicate and subtle look and darker ones for a bold and dramatic impact, infusing depth and density.

Contrasting colors

Consider deep blues, rich purples, or vibrant greens to create a striking contrast with mustard yellow.

These pairings make mustard yellow pop. Combining mustard yellow with navy blue or royal purple creates a strong and sophisticated look.

Fashion and home decor

Consider the occasion, personal style, and desired mood. Pair mustard yellow with neutral tones like beige or gray for a chic outfit.

In-home decor, use mustard yellow as an accent color. Choose complementary colors based on the desired ambience, such as serene blues or earthy browns.

Textures and patterns

Experiment with different textures and patterns alongside mustard yellow. Mix fabrics like velvet, tweed, or silk for visual interest.

Play with patterns like stripes, florals, or geometric designs. Use mustard yellow as a base color and incorporate complementary colors through textures and patterns.

Mustard Yellow in Fashion and Home Decor

Mustard yellow clothing combinations

Pair mustard yellow with dark gray or dark blue for a striking ensemble. Add depth by incorporating mustard yellow with light gray or charcoal gray.

This versatile hue also complements neutrals like white or beige. Mix and match gray yellow colors with patterns, such as stripes or floral prints, for added flair.

Play with accessories like scarves or shoes to elevate your mustard-yellow outfits.

Styling tips for incorporating mustard yellow into outfits

Balance the vibrancy of mustard yellow with neutral tones like black or white. Create a chic look by pairing a mustard yellow top with black trousers.

Mix mustard yellow with pastels like blush pink or mint green for a playful vibe.

Layer with denim or add a mustard yellow accessory to enhance your outfit’s style and sophistication.

Mustard yellow as an accent color in interior design

Introduce mustard yellow as an accent color in your interior design. Enhance a neutral space by incorporating mustard yellow throw pillows or curtains.

Use mustard yellow as a statement piece, such as an armchair or a rug, against light gray or beige walls.

Experiment with mustard yellow accents in artwork, vases, or lamps to infuse warmth and energy into your living space.

What Color Goes With Mustard Yellow?

Combining mustard yellow with different textures and patterns

Take your interior design to the next level by combining mustard yellow with various textures and patterns.

Mix a mustard yellow velvet sofa with a floral patterned rug for an eclectic look.

Pair a mustard yellow knitted throw with a plaid accent chair to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Embrace contrasting textures like smooth ceramics or rough burlap. They add visual interest and depth to your mustard yellow-infused spaces.


What clothes go with mustard yellow?

Mustard yellow finds perfect companions in neutral tones such as black, white, and gray. Pair it with navy blue, burgundy, olive and sage green for a bold statement. For instance, you can create a chic ensemble by combining a mustard yellow blouse with a pair of black trousers and white sneakers. The contrasting colors add depth and sophistication to your outfit.

Does mustard yellow go with purple?

Mustard, yellow, and purple makes a vibrant and complementary duo. Try pairing a mustard yellow blouse with a flowing purple skirt. Or, accessorise your mustard yellow ensemble with purple shoes and jewellery to add a pop of color and create a stylish contrast. 

What color is complementary to mustard?

Complementary to mustard are deep blue and dark navy blue. The contrasting hues create an eye-catching and pleasing combination. Imagine a mustard yellow wall with artwork featuring deep navy blue accents. The interplay between warm mustard and cool navy tones adds depth and sophistication to any space.

Can I use mustard yellow as an accent color?

Yes, mustard yellow is an excellent choice for an accent color. Add a mustard yellow throw blanket to a neutral-toned living room. The pop of mustard yellow will bring energy to the aesthetic without overpowering the space.

What color goes with mustard brown?

Mustard brown harmonises with earthy tones such as olive green, burnt orange, and deep burgundy. The combination exudes a rich, natural aesthetic. Neutrals like cream, tan, and beige create a versatile backdrop that complements mustard brown. Pair a mustard brown sweater with olive green pants and a cream scarf for a cosy and stylish fall ensemble.

Does red go with mustard yellow?

Red and mustard create a bold and energetic color pairing. Accessor your mustard yellow outfit with red accents for a vibrant and eye-catching look. Add a red statement necklace or handbag to elevate your ensemble. Combining red and mustard yellow will create a striking fashion statement. 

Is mustard color yellow or orange?

Mustard color falls within the spectrum of yellow shades. It is characterised as a warm and golden yellow, reminiscent of the color of mustard seeds. Picture a vibrant field of yellow flowers basking in the sun’s golden rays. That’s the essence of a mustard color. Its warm undertones add depth and richness, making it a distinctive fashion and home decor hue.


Mustard yellow is a captivating color. It exudes warmth, vibrancy, and versatility.

Whether in fashion or home decor, mustard yellow can make a bold statement or create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

By understanding the color wheel and exploring complementary shades, you can effortlessly pair mustard yellow with a wide range of colors.

From neutrals to bold accents, the possibilities are endless. With its historical significance, cultural associations, and psychological impact, mustard yellow has carved its place in our hearts and homes.

Embrace the beauty of mustard yellow and let it infuse your world with its radiant charm.


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